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Social League

Published on May 2, 2015 by in Social

Congratulations to this season’s winners, the Minotaur ManiacsThe Social League will resume in September.


• Players are responsible for reading the rules and complying with all conduct standards.
• Each team is required to have at least two members help referee AND shag prior to their match.
• Games will be played with the players in attendance at the start of the game.
• Players must attend a minimum of 3 games in order to play in the tournament.
• Shirt sizes are determined by your member profile. To change your size, edit your profile.
• Same tier substitutions are permitted with approval of both captains and head referee.
• Teams must have at least 1 member of each gender to play.
• All players must be age 18+.
• Games use 8.5 inch balls.

Questions? Please email the Phoenix Dodgeball Social Staff.

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