Social League


➤ Week 1: Thursday, September 21st

7:00 R Donut Panic vs. French Fries | Refs: Aaron, Kellen
7:00 Y Slice, Slice, Baby! vs. Taco ‘Bout Awesome | Refs: Andrew, Jasmine
8:00 R That’s What Cheese Said vs. What’s Crackin | Refs: Katie, Joseph
8:00 Y Open Gym
9:00 R Baked Potatoes vs. Bitch, Peas | Refs: Israel, CJ
9:00 Y Impastas vs. Nice Buns | Refs: Mark, Rob
10:00 Bar Social Challenge – Guess How Many

Attention! We’ve had a few rule changes:

  • If a player is hit, and they catch a subsequent throw before the first ball hits the ground, the catch counts.
  • Balls must have forward momentum to get past the opposing team’s attack line in order to transfer burden (no placing it across the middle line and then grabbing it back).
  • The center line will be a soft line on the opening rush.

Players are responsible for reading the rules.

To see the full schedule, click here.

Week 2: 09/28 – Team Shirts
Week 3: 10/05 – Team Photos
Week 4: 10/12
Week 5: 10/19
Week 6: 10/26
Week 7: 11/02
Week 8: 11/09
Tournament: 11/18 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm


Players can earn social points by going to the bar (1-point per player), bringing their team mascot to the bar (1-point per team), and placing in that weeks social challenge (1 to 3-points per team). Social points are added to the teams point total at the end of the season which can help with seeding. Players who participate in more than 5 challenges will be entered in our grand prize raffle. The team with the most social points also wins medals!

Baked Potatoes 7-points
Taco ‘Bout Awesome 7-points
Bitch, Peas 6-points
What’s Crackin 6-points
Donut Panic 5-points
Impastas 5-points
That’s What Cheese Said 5-points
Nice Buns 5-points
French Fries 3-points
Slice, Slice, Baby! 3-points


Baked Potatoes
James Bell
Charles Choueiri
Melissa Duck
Renee Fourie
Aja Garrison
Kellen Jella (Captain)
Grace Ong-Burd
Tristan Peigne
Zac Wine

Bitch, Please
Sherry Alquino
Charlie Fish
Chad Landrum
Aaron McCormack (Captain)
Ryan Schmeckpeper
Jessica Schmeckpeper
Jared Tipton
Lindsey Warburton
Shaun Whitlock

Donut Panic
Kiersten Bell
Nick Calenti
Elle Carroll
Jennifer Downs (Captain)
Joseph Hoge
Tyler Key
Brittany Messer
Katie Sanchez
Kenneth Yanga

French Fries
Griffin Baker
Shane Below
Jason Downs (Captain)
Lizzy Flores
Jamerson Hunt
Ruben Lopez
Alaina Meeks
Alex Ramirez
Patty Redden

Jasmine Bentley (Captain)
Ron Carter
Jacob Gomez
Matthew Menard
Suniko Morales
Christina Olsen
Trevor Reeves
Benjamin Snyder
Bryce Wagner

Nice Buns
Matt Bosway
Caryn Evans (Captain)
Sean Higbee
Randy Hoge
Keri Lamparelli
Christopher Lehane
Robert Navarro
Mark Rosenkrantz
Kelli Warburton

Slice, Slice, Baby!
Mona Buruato
Steven Damon (Captain)
Robert Gonzalez
Emily Kudron
BreAnna Ledner
Garrett Schander
Robert Walsmann
Zach Webb
Mark Williamson

Taco ‘Bout Awesome
Zachary Baumgartner
Hannah Bentley
Kyle Dulin
Lucy Garza
Carla Hyche (Captain)
Conray Joasaint
Lucy Stott
Allan Stott
Dan Zinner

That’s What Cheese Said
Ryan Anderson (Captain)
Kylle Butters
Kay Lee Clemens
Ebriel Dominguez
Constance Espinoza
Dawn Galloway
Sam Hsu
Andrew Ketchum
Courtney Tropila

What’s Crackin
Israel Bentley
Joe DeFuria
Jason Gilbertson
Orlando Huicochea
Sunil Mutreja
Cameron Parkey
Sarah Schlabach (Captain)
Joanna Stevens
Svenja Wagner

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