Social League


➤ Week 3: Thursday, June 29th

Team pictures this week!

7:00 R Frozen Fighters vs. Ariel’s Attackers | Refs: Aaron, Rob W.
7:00 Y Beauties and the Beasts vs. Woody N’ the Toys | Refs: Mark W., Mark R.
8:00 R Aristo-catchers vs. Aladdin’s Thieves | Refs: Ryan, CJ
8:00 Y Open Gym – open to the public for $5 (last open gym)
9:00 R The Army of China vs. Rafiki’s Rascals | Refs: Israel, Katie
9:00 Y Ladies and the Tramps vs. Donald’s Dodgers | Refs: Ryan, Aaron
10:00 Social Challenge  Water Balloon Toss on the Patio

Teams may use substitutes approved by two staff members. Cleared new players must pay $5 per night to play and sign the waiver.

Week 4: Thursday, July 6th
Week 5: Thursday, July 13th
Week 6: Thursday, July 20th
Week 7: Thursday, July 27th
Week 8: Thursday, August 3rd
Tournament: Saturday, August 12th 2:00 pm

Click here for the weekly game schedule.


Earn extra points for your teams season total by competing in social challenges at Bogeys. Teams will also be awarded 1-point per player for going to the bar. Players who attend more than 5 social challenges will be entered in our grand prize raffle. You’ll also earn 1-point if you bring your teams mascot to the gym. Points are added to the teams point total at the end of the season which can help your tournament seeding. The team with the most social points also wins medals!

Aladdin’s Thieves 22-points
Aristo-catchers 20-points
Rafiki’s Rascals 20-points
Frozen Fighters 19-points
Woody N’ the Toys 17-points
The Army of China 16-points
Ladies and the Tramps 14-points
Ariel’s Attackers 12-points
Beauties and the Beasts 12-points
Donald’s Dodgers 11-points


Aladdin’s Thieves
Hannah Bentley
Israel Bentley
Jason Gilbertson
Patrick Joaquin
Mark Rosenkrantz
Garrett Schander
Lindsey Warburton
Kelli Warburton
Dan Zinner

Ariel’s Attackers
Sherry Alquino
Griffin Baker
Ian Balke
Joe DeFuria
Jesus Deleon
Hector Gutierrez
Rachel Rodia
April Rybacki
Lucy Stott

Jennifer Downs
Angela Espinoza
Sean Higbee
Randy Hoge
Madison Lipari
Chris Mader
Aaron McCormack
Katie Sanchez
Bryce Wagner

Beauties and the Beasts
Jason Downs
Kyle Dulin
Caryn Evans
Aja Garrison
Claire Morton
Grace Ong-Burd
Tristan Peigne
Isidro Perez
Tim Suchomski

Donald’s Dodgers
Kiersten Bell
Ebriel Dominguez
Constance Espinoza
Lizzy Flores
Sam Hsu
Ruben Lopez
Javier Salgado
Zach Scott
Shaun Whitlock

Frozen Fighters
Caitlin Anderson
Ryan Anderson
Mona Buruato
Emmanuel Dominguez
Andrew Ketchum
Robert Navarro
Jessica Schmeckpeper
Ryan Schmeckpeper
Courtney Tropila

Ladies and the Tramps
Melissa Duck
Joseph Hoge
Carla Hyche
Kellen Jella
Tyler Key
Lacey Knowles
Emily Kudron
Nathan Roush
Robert Walsmann

The Army of China
Jasmine Bentley
Matt Bosway
Kylle Butters
Dillon Clark
Samantha Greco
Suniko Morales
Alex Ramirez
Ben Van Gheem
Jen Van Gheem

Rafiki’s Rascals
Stefanie Baxter
Shane Below
Lucy Garza
Cameron Parkey
Cole Schlabach
Joanna Stevens
Allan Stott
Mark Williamson
Monica Zalaket

Woody N’ the Toys
Dawn Galloway
Lisa Herzberg
Orlando Huicochea
Conray Joasaint
Brittany Messer
Patty Redden
Drew Schafer
Justin St.Clair
Manny Villarreal

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