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About Phoenix Dodgeball

Founded in January of 2009, Phoenix Dodgeball was created to bring new and experienced players together on and off the court through fair competition and social activities. We work to create an environment of feedback and discussion to make the sport of Dodgeball a better experience for all.

Our mission is to grow the Valley’s #1 Social & Competitive Dodgeball League in our community as well as the rest of the world.

Phoenix Dodgeball has two leagues, the Competitive League and Social League. We also host special tournaments and drop-in dodgeball throughout the year.


League play is at the Kiwanis Recreation Center in TempeGoogle Map | Park Map.


All players must be age 18+.


The Competitive League has three divisions: Womens, Coed, and Open.

Womens is for all-female teams that use no-sting balls. Coed offers competitive play in a more welcoming format that does not allow high-throws. Open is the most competitive division intended to provide intense court action with no team minimum gender requirement.

Coed and Open use 8.5 inch rubber balls and Womens use no-sting balls.


If you are new to dodgeball the Social League is the perfect time to join! Everyone registers as an individual player and are randomly drawn from similar player pools. A live random draw will take place at a local bar in Tempe where the teams are determined. Team shirts will be provided and team names are based on the theme. Teams will have at least 3 players of each gender.

Games use no-sting balls.


Whenever it’s off season we like to host drop-in dodgeball during Open Gym so players can get some practice in and people new to dodgeball can get a taste of what it’s like. Games use 8.5 inch rubber balls and no-sting balls. Social rules apply.


Every year we host special one-day tournaments to provide a fun and competitive environment for those who love the all-day dodgeball experience.


Do you need help with your dodgeball tournament? Phoenix Dodgeball assists with community and charity dodgeball tournaments from time-to-time. From providing referees, equipment, and assisting with organization and set-up for your event, we’re here to help. Send us a message about your upcoming event.

If you have any questions, email us or send us a message on Facebook!

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