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Beauties and the Beasts

Social League (Summer) 2017

Jason Downs (Captain)
Kyle Dulin
Caryn Evans
Aja Garrison
Claire Morton
Grace Ong-Burd
Tristan Peigne
Isidro Perez
Tim Suchomski

1Red06/15/17 7:00pmBeauties and the Beasts - Ariel’s Attackers8 - 7Isidro
2Yellow06/22/17 7:00pmBeauties and the Beasts - Donald’s Dodgers10 - 3Jason
3Yellow06/29/17 7:00pmBeauties and the Beasts - Woody N’ the Toys6 - 3Jason
4Red07/06/17 7:00pmRafiki’s Rascals - Beauties and the Beasts3 - 8Jason
4Red07/06/17 8:00pmAristo-catchers - Beauties and the Beasts7 - 6Jason
5Red07/13/17 9:00pmBeauties and the Beasts - Aladdin’s Thieves5 - 2Kyle
6Yellow07/20/17 7:00pmBeauties and the Beasts - Ladies and the Tramps5 - 8Kyle
7Yellow07/27/17 7:00pmFrozen Fighters - Beauties and the Beasts8 - 5Jason
8Red08/03/17 8:00pmBeauties and the Beasts - The Army of China11 - 4Grace
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