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Ladies and the Tramps

Social League (Summer) 2017

Melissa Duck
Joseph Hoge
Carla Hyche
Kellen Jella (Captain)
Tyler Key
Lacey Knowles
Emily Kudron
Nathan Roush
Robert Walsmann

1Yellow06/15/17 7:00pmLadies and the Tramps - Rafiki’s Rascals4 - 4Kellen
2Red06/22/17 9:00pmAriel’s Attackers - Ladies and the Tramps5 - 7Carla
3Yellow06/29/17 9:00pmLadies and the Tramps - Donald’s Dodgers6 - 5Tyler
4Yellow07/06/17 7:00pmWoody N’ the Toys - Ladies and the Tramps4 - 4Nathan
5Yellow07/13/17 8:00pmLadies and the Tramps - Aristo-catchers5 - 5Randy
6Yellow07/20/17 7:00pmBeauties and the Beasts - Ladies and the Tramps5 - 8Melissa
7Yellow07/27/17 8:00pmLadies and the Tramps - Aladdin’s Thieves4 - 3Kellen
7Yellow07/27/17 9:00pmThe Army of China - Ladies and the Tramps5 - 4Lacey
8Yellow08/03/17 7:00pmLadies and the Tramps - Frozen Fighters5 - 7Emily
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