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Lord of the Flings

Social League – Coed (Spring) 2013

Jake Colaric
Eric Cowin
Andrew Fourie (Captain)
Robert Huffer
Billy Sparks
Nicole Benedetti
Teresa Choca
Kimberly Olney
Jen Pleasant
Melissa Sheets


1Yellow05/31/12 7:50pmBaconators - Lord of The Flings7 - 1Nicole
2Yellow06/07/12 7:05pmBallz n' Dolls - Lord of The Flings6 - 1Robert H.
2Yellow06/07/12 7:50pmFingerbang - Lord of The Flings7 - 0Melissa
3Yellow06/14/12 8:35pmFlex Fitness Warriors - Lord of The Flings7 - 2Jake
4Yellow06/21/12 9:20pmThe Mild Turkeys - Lord of The Flings6 - 2Melissa
5Yellow06/28/12 7:50pmChupacabras - Lord of The Flings7 - 2Eric
6Yellow07/05/12 7:05pmDanger Zone - Lord of The Flings6 - 3Jen
6Red07/05/12 7:50pmThe Misfits - Lord of The Flings5 - 1Kimberly
7Red07/12/12 8:35pm2 in the Pink - Lord of The Flings7 - 2Andy
8Red07/19/12 9:25pmRoyal Puss In Boots - Lord of The Flings10 - 1Nicole
8Yellow07/19/12 8:50pmKamikaze Pizza - Lord of The Flings9 - 0Robert


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