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Social League (Summer) 2017

Dawn Galloway
Lisa Herzberg
Orlando Huicochea
Conray Joasaint
Brittany Messer
Patty Redden
Drew Schafer
Justin St.Clair
Manny Villarreal

1Red06/15/17 9:00pmWoody N’ the Toys - Aladdin’s Thieves3 - 8Brittney
2Red06/22/17 8:00pmWoody N’ the Toys - Aristo-catchers -
3Yellow06/29/17 7:00pmBeauties and the Beasts - Woody N’ the Toys -
4Yellow07/06/17 7:00pmWoody N’ the Toys - Ladies and the Tramps -
5Yellow07/13/17 7:00pmFrozen Fighters - Woody N’ the Toys -
6Red07/20/17 9:00pmWoody N’ the Toys - The Army of China -
7Red07/27/17 7:00pmRafiki’s Rascals - Woody N’ the Toys -
8Yellow08/03/17 8:00pmDonald’s Dodgers - Woody N’ the Toys -
8Red08/03/17 9:00pmWoody N’ the Toys - Ariel’s Attackers -
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